Another summer season done!

Another summer season of outdoor shows is now complete. Of the fifty-one performances of ‘The Commercial Traveller’ planned, forty-seven took place and four were rained off. Whenever a show is rained off it is infuriating, partly because we lose a lot of money, but mainly because people don’t get to see the show. Four rained off performances, however, isn’t too bad and lots of people moved to other venues. For those who didn’t, we are sorry and look forward to you coming again next summer. Special thanks to the Lewes people who booked for Alfriston, which was itself rained off, but then went on to book for somewhere else. We admire your persistence!

Responses to The Commercial Traveller

The show was really well received. Here are a couple of comments:

“Thanks again for a wonderful show in 2017. When we first came, many years ago, there was just the two of us “adults”, but our show-going group has grown over the years, and this time there was 6 of us, with the addition of our youngest son’s girlfriend.  Each time we add someone, whether it be our own now-adult children, or friends, we have some trepidation that they won’t “get it”, but they always do. No-one has failed to come back for more in subsequent years, and favourites have emerged, Fosca of course but not forgetting Johnny The Crab (the walk remains a family party piece, as do various other “mannerisms”). The Rudes are special, they are unique in a world where so much is bland, repetitive or vulgar/crude for its own sake, you are a beacon of light and happiness, long may you continue.”


“What I like above all about the Rudes’ performances is that they are reliably entertaining and always hilarious. Each year we try & take different friends to the performance and we have to tell them it is hard to explain the show but we can guarantee they will enjoy it and they always do ! This year with The Commercial Traveller was no exception. We would be devastated if the Rudes weren’t able to come and do their annual show. It would be like a piece of summer was missing. The actors are so talented both musically and actorly (if that is a word ! ) and the show/plot etc so original and inventive. Keep up the good work.”

Thank you Rudes’ supporters! Next year will be our twentieth year of touring so look out for something special!

Music from ‘The Commercial Traveller’

Those of you who enjoyed ‘The Commercial Traveller’ this summer will be pleased to hear, we are sure, that we have recorded the music for a special studio recorded CD, ‘Isabelle’s got Married’. A mere fiver plus p&p. Go to the ‘Shop’ page (see the tab above) to make your purchase.

Next tour

We are taking time out this winter to prepare for 2018, which will be our twentieth year of touring. There will be a brand new play and score the title of which will be revealed after Christmas. But expect something special!

Macbyrd script now on sale

Macbyrd, or a Mischief of Magpies, our Summer 2016 outdoor play, was one of the best received plays we have created and now you can buy it in a lovely limited edition paperback. Set in 1940 Sussex the story is about a power struggle among the birds and is an allegory for the real struggle below as England is threatened by invasion. Change comes from time to time. How do we deal with it? Do we straighten our backs and stick to our principles of decency and right behaviour, or do we become inward

looking and threatened and blame every little wrong on a stranger? So it is an allegory for today as well.

Get your copy now by clicking on the Shop above. Costs £9.99 plus p&p.

New theatre inspired by the Commedia dell’Arte

The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company has been creating original theatre inspired by the traditions and style of the Commedia dell’Arte since 1999. We work outdoors in the summer months mainly  in villages and also a few towns across Southern England from Kent to Devon creating strong relationships with communities. We believe in the power of storytelling to bring communities together, giving a reason for people to be together and share in an experience which stimulates the mind, heals through laughter, and educates through thought-provoking subject-matter. Although our style is rooted in a genre which is hundreds of years old the stories always reflect what matters to people now. We also tour indoors occasionally in the winter and it is our aim to do more of this in the future.

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