Oberon’s Cure in retrospect 

Looking back on the Summer of 2018!

Photography by John Stanley-Clamp –

Well the Rudes’ 2018 outdoor tour is now well and truly over after a long hot make-up melting summer. Sadly, the last night at Michelham Priory was rained off halfway through leaving people frustrated in the rain. It was such a disappointing end to a wonderful summer, but that’s English weather for you. 7,013 people paid to attend the show; this is the third highest attendance in the twenty years we have been touring. Fifty performances took place and of these thirty-eight were in small rural communities, which is the main aim of our work. We had a great and memorable time.

A few comments

‘A brilliantly funny and entrancing performance last night. I laughed till I cried!!’ Hilary Roome, Winchelsea.

‘The final moment where art, reality & the environment all meet is something very special & something that is rarely achieved in theatre I think.’ Rosie Armstrong, Godinton.

‘I write this at 3am as we have just got home from your fantastic performance at the Italian Gardens. We love you so much we came all the way from Lincolnshire just to see you and boy was it worth it.


Thank you for what you do – it was magical. See you next year.’ Julie Bennett, Eastbourne

‘Saw this at Teddington on Friday night. Magical, wonderful, and in parts very moving. Another great production by an amazingly talented cast.’ Steve Denham, Teddington

‘We saw you at Langton Green (our first encounter with you) and wanted to tell you what a brilliant evening we had. We’ve seen plenty of theatre, comedy, musicals and improv over the years, but this was up there with the very best of them all. Completely engrossing, brilliant music, costumes and characters and such focus from all the cast.’ Stephen Morpurgo, Langton Green

‘We were fortunate to be in the audience at Halnaker on 17 June to witness your quite extraordinarily astounding and wonderful show. Neither of us knew what we were letting ourselves in for. It was a wonderful evening and it became even more wonderful as it progressed. I shall hope to attend another of your performances ere long’. Marlene Maguire.

‘Feeling lifted.’ Jan Lynam, Wadhurst

And some more…

‘Just to say a congratulations on another superb performance  – it was -as ever – the most amazing evening and I loved every single minute.  You are in touch with the very essence of drama – and so you put us in touch with ourselves, our lives, and all the sad, the happy and the hilarious times we muddle through.  We are so much richer for your work. Thank you so much with very best wishes for very many more years.’ Diana Baldwin, Godinton.

‘Each year I am astounded by the wonderful imagery and imagination of the world you all create and I can join with for a brief time. This year however, was absolutely the best ever!!! Thank you so much. There were so many beautiful lines … I wish my memory could retain them… ’ Anita

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the performance this evening. I’m in awe of the talent shown by every member of the cast. I thought the show was brilliantly written, and shall be laughing all the way back home to New Zealand! I’m so glad I got the opportunity to see the Rude Mechanicals perform – thank you so much for a fabulous evening.’ Jo Lewis

‘Loved the show at Tapeley. Such wit, warmth, charm, pathos and pleasure all woven together so beautifully with such lyricism and triumphant songs! It was magical. ‘Richard Wolfenden-Brown, The Plough Arts Centre, Torrington.

Advice & conditions for going to our shows

Picnics The site will be open one & a half hours before the start for picnics. Large picnic tables or gazebos will not be allowed in the arena, except by special arrangement. Ring 01323-50-12-60


Seating – Seating is not provided. Bring your own low backed seats or rugs. Tall chairs are not permitted. You will be asked to move picnics that are spread out so that seats can be brought into lines 20 minutes before the show is due to start. You may be asked to move your seats if the arena gets full to aid compaction. In our experience we believe our customers get more out of our shows by sitting close together & as close to the front as possible.


Movement around the area – This is a sit down event. Do not let children run around & try to make loo runs in the interval.


Cancellation – We will continue in light rain. If the performance has to be called off in the event of heavy rain or for other reasons beyond our control refunds may be claimed by emailing the Box Office (therudes@btinternet.com). As we are on the road for most of the summer it may take a few days. But note: This does not apply to The Gilbert White House in Selborne, where there will be no refunds. However, customers can transfer for free to any other venue. In fact, for any performance that is interrupted by rain customers may see the show again for free. Email us to re-book. Don’t do it online.


Umbrellas – Umbrellas must not be raised in the arena while the play is in progress, unless you are sitting at the back or round the perimeter. If it gets so bad that it is uncomfortable we will stop. Umbrellas restrict people’s view.


Children – Note that our shows are aimed at adults. However, many children do like them and for that reason we do offer child and family rates, but it is for parents to judge whether their children are likely to enjoy it. One key question is: Are they likely to sit quietly for two hours or so? If the answer is no then you probably shouldn’t bring them. Some parents bring…


Babies and small toddlers – We want children to be initiated young, but it is not a children’s show where ‘child noise’ is tolerated, so please do not bring babies and toddlers. Please use your judgment for children say between 3 & 7. Ring us for advice if you are unsure.


Dogs – We are happy to have quiet dogs, but if they start barking they must be taken out.

Smoking – No form of smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is permitted within the audience area. Please leave the area if you wish to smoke.


New theatre inspired by the Commedia dell’Arte

The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company has been creating original theatre inspired by the traditions and style of the Commedia dell’Arte since 1999. We work outdoors in the summer months mainly  in villages and also a few towns across Southern England from Kent to Devon creating strong relationships with communities. We believe in the power of storytelling to bring communities together, giving a reason for people to be together and share in an experience which stimulates the mind, heals through laughter, and educates through thought-provoking subject-matter. Although our style is rooted in a genre which is hundreds of years old the stories always reflect what matters to people now. We also tour indoors occasionally in the winter and it is our aim to do more of this in the future.

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