Sponsor Us

audienceThe Rudes have been seen in our summer outdoor shows by over five thousand five hundred people every year for the last twelve years, and over six thousand per year each year for the last three years. 2017 will be our nineteenth year touring and we are growing every year. We work in mainly small rural communities and a few towns right across the South of England from Devon to Kent and have established ourselves as a brand for new, exciting theatre of the best kind. The Arts Council recognise this by frequently funding us. We are strongly associated with the commedia dell’arte – an ancient form of theatre from Italy – but all our plays are brand new with contemporary themes and relevance.

If you have businesses in this region you could benefit by being associated with us. From £250 to £1,000 per summer, depending on how much exposure you would like. Your logo could appear on our website, visited by thousands of people every year, or on our posters and fliers; or you could have a box in our programmes. You could bring a party to a show at specially reduced rates and have space set aside on the ground for this, or you could put up a board at the venues, or have your flyers put into programmes. But most of all sponsoring will show you are a cultured and sophisticated organisation, and care about the arts and the communities that stage us.

If you would like to sponsor us or know more, contact us via the contact page, or email Pete Talbot directly on therudes@btinternet.com.