‘Little Lily Harley’ tour for 2021 is at the planning stage

  • The performing arts are very much on hold at the moment, but we are confident The Rudes will survive – largely due to the financial support of our wonderful audience! – and will be back with ‘Little Lily Harley’, a play about Charlie Chaplin’s childhood scheduled for Summer 2020, but postponed & waiting patiently in the wings. The times are very difficult & we all have to find ways now to concentrate on looking after our loved ones and ourselves. When we are finally ‘allowed out’ we will have a really good knees up & value so much more all the beautiful things in the world we have missed – and there are many beautiful things! The Rudes will tour with Charlie’s little play from the end of May, 2021. but watch this site.
  • We have planned  all the dates for 2021 except one (Wednesday 21st July) & we are looking for another venue for that day. Maybe you could suggest one? It would need to be East or West Sussex or Kent, but might get Surrey or East Hampshire in at a pinch.
  • In the meantime we will leave you with the poem that ends the first half of the play. Hopefully you will be able to understand the Cockney accent! It’s Charlie’s ‘muvver’ entreating her boys to stay strong, a message for us all at the moment.

When storms an’ tempests moan an’ crack,

When billowin’ winds blow bleak an’ black,

An’ ‘obgoblins an’ beasties squeal

So ‘ardened men in terror reel,

An’ rattlin’ squalls break limbs from trees

          An’ ‘earts… that are so dear to me!

When governments, aufori’ies,

An’ well-meant schemes, false chari’ies,

Drive the poor darn t’ their knees

An’ do it wiv impuni’y! –

When actions wound an’ words concuss,

An’ people start desertin’ us,

Pray tha’ they don’t, f’ pi’y’s sake!

But if they do, we… will… no’… break!

And one final little treat to keep you going!

But don’t forget, the ‘The End’ in this clip is not the end, just a new beginning! Click here 

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COVID Bulletin

We are currently planning to begin rehearsing for ‘Little Lily Harley’ on Monday 19th April & have a really strong team lined up! You will love it! But obviously there is the little matter of a pandemic in our way. The truth is there is no certainty that the team will be able to come in and form a bubble on that day, which they must for us to be able to make the show properly. We have to address various scenarios therefore:

  • If the team (that is, Pete, the actors & their close loved ones) aren’t allowed to form an ‘extended bubble’’ This situation would drive a team of horses & a carriage through our style. It would just not be enjoyable, neither for us, nor our audiences, so we would have to delay the start of rehearsals
  • If we lost the first three weeks of rehearsals – We could probably make it work by re-scheduling the first thirteen performances, adding a couple of weeks on the end of the tour, using Tuesday & Wednesday ‘standby days’ & doing only one show in Lewes.
  •  If the audience have to be socially distanced by two metres – We would book them in groups of four in a space big enough for six people with a two persons’ width not used. This way they would be socially distanced (which front of house teams would measure with a two metre rod) & we would lose a third of the potential audience for the space. This would be challenging financially but if we pushed the fence back we should get them in. We will set a limit for each venue & create a floor plan depending on whether there is a slope (Flat ground is more challenging for viewing properly) & if the numbers are beginning to be exceeded, we would divert people to other less full venues. We can also pair venues & just use the best space for the two audiences & drop the other venue. We wouldn’t ban people from coming in groups of less than four, but encourage you to come in fours; the more groups of three or fewer will mean fewer people as a whole will get in.  People would have to sit where they are put starting from the front & filling to the back. They could block in groups of four or eight in a ‘tennis foursome or eightsome’ style across two rows facing each other for picnics, then turning round for the show.
  •  If the audience have to sit one metre apart – There will be similar arrangements but with five people coming to one empty space & 20% of the audience not getting in to fill the space available space.

We are working on more detailed plans for how you will be able to book. Watch this space!