The Rudes Van appeal 

The Van Appeal has now finished & you did it! You donated enough money to buy a good second hand van. The way GoFundMe works we haven’t actually got the money yet! To be fair it takes time. These are the basic facts: We raised £20,221 through GoFundMe, which goes down to £19,710.72 when they take their fee. Then it is processed by Paypal Giving, which seems to be taking ages! But in theory we should get it before the end of November. We also raised a further £4,420 through CAF, cheques & direct payments into out bank account. So we should by the time it is all in have raised £24,131! We can also claim Gift Aid on some of  that which might come to about £4,000 which will go towards the Summer tour. A MASSIVE thank you therefore Rudes fans. We look forward now to the next summer play which will be announced at the beginning of January.

Check out our donations page on GoFundMe here

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The ‘Miss Popplewell’s Garden’ tour is now over!

Our summer shows go so quickly and now another one is over. But the feedback for ‘Miss Popplewell’s Garden’ has been excellent and we are delighted that our supporters have had a good time. Just to remind you here are some of the lovely songs to listen to again:

Before I’m Seventeen

In Times of Crisis

Will You Wait for Me

What did people say?

Of course, if you saw it you will have made your own minds up, but this is what some people said after they saw the show:

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