‘Little Lily Harley’ tour for 2021!

  • The performing arts are very much on hold at the moment, but we are confident The Rudes will survive – largely due to the financial support of our wonderful audience! – and will be back with ‘Little Lily Harley’, a play about Charlie Chaplin’s childhood scheduled for Summer 2020, but postponed & waiting patiently in the wings. The times are very difficult & we all have to find ways now to concentrate on looking after our loved ones and ourselves. When we are finally ‘allowed out’ we will have a really good knees up & value so much more all the beautiful things in the world we have missed – and there are many beautiful things! The Rudes will tour with Charlie’s little play from the end of May, 2021. but watch this site.
  • In the meantime we will leave you with the poem that ends the first half of the play. Hopefully you will be able to understand the Cockney accent! It’s Charlie’s ‘muvver’ entreating her boys to stay strong, a message for us all at the moment.

When storms an’ tempests moan an’ crack,

When billowin’ winds blow bleak an’ black,

An’ ‘obgoblins an’ beasties squeal

So ‘ardened men in terror reel,

An’ rattlin’ squalls break limbs from trees

          An’ ‘earts… that are so dear to me!

When governments, aufori’ies,

An’ well-meant schemes, false chari’ies,

Drive the poor darn t’ their knees

An’ do it wiv impuni’y! –

When actions wound an’ words concuss,

An’ people start desertin’ us,

Pray tha’ they don’t, f’ pi’y’s sake!

But if they do, we… will… no’… break!

And one final little treat to keep you going!

But don’t forget, the ‘The End’ in this clip is not the end, just a new beginning! Click here 

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