Becoming a Friend of the Rudes

Things are changing for the Friends

We are currently re-thinking our Friends group. Unlike places like The Tate galleries, or even the National Theatre, we don’t have interesting premises for you to visit, nor special events for you to attend. There isn’t time & the teams are always on short term contracts which are packed full of either rehearsals or performances, so there is no real opportunity for them to do other special events for the Friends. Even meeting them back stage is difficult because before the show they are preparing & afterwards they have to launch into getting the set & site down. The truth is in fact we have nothing to offer Friends, except the shows themselves.

Another approach therefore?

A very large number of you help us directly in lots of different ways as volunteers such as doing front of house, or as ambassadors promoting our work. Our current thinking is to ‘formalise’ this group as an entity which we can communicate to separately with organisational things to do with the shows, many of them of a practical nature, & generally include you in the whole process of the tour & issues that may come up effecting our work. In a way you are doing more for us than we are doing for you, but it isn’t so much about doing that as about making you much more a part of us because you already care enough to help.

It’s not about being another source of money therefore!

Some time ago we stopped asking people to pay for being a Friend because there are other ways of doing that & your helping practically with what we do is more important. We haven’t launched this yet but we will in due course. In the meantime watch for updates on this page.

Are we just ‘ditching’ our old Friends?

Obviously some of you who have been Friends for years will always support us & we aren’t about to ‘ditch you’. We now have a much better newsletter system, more colourful with images & a design in keeping with our website. So we can give you much more information in a more interesting way. This will be for everyone who is happy to receive the newsletter & we will call you ‘Supporters’. However, even if you can’t do front of house, for example, or be a local organiser, you could be an ‘Ambassador’ for the company in little ways & do it from home – and as that you will become part of the Friends group too and most importantly make a huge difference to our marketing, getting the message out through e-fliers & social media. So there is a big role still for you.

See the ‘Volunteers page’ for more info about that. Click here- Volunteers’ page