Rudes’ Workshops

Do you want to explore physicality & slapstick?
Are you inspired by the company style & want to try it for yourself?
Do you want to learn more about commedia dell’arte?

Workshops for communities

  • Much of the work The Rudes do is with communities & to help promote our visits to villages we are offering community based workshops as introductions to our work. They are run by the artistic director, Pete Talbot. Click here to read about him. They are designed for drama or other clubs with access to a community hall in a village or urban community which feeds into one of our venues.
  • They are for adults & are intended to help understand our performance style & ‘theatre language’, encourage more people to see our shows, cement our relationship with the community, bring people together to help strengthen community bonds & generally have a good time. A donation to our work will be expected. Email – for more details.

Workshops for schools & colleges

  • The Rudes also offer a number of commedia-related workshops to schools & colleges. These can be anything from half-day workshops to week-long residencies and can be adapted for different ages and abilities. These workshops include:

Introduction to Commedia Dell’Arte – a practical exploration of the ‘commedia family’, their physicality and characteristics, leading to devising your own cannovacci (scene).

Use Your Body! – a chance to gain awareness of your body and to develop characters from a physical perspective. The workshop explores ensemble play and is a great one for those new to physical theatre.

Lazzi – These are pieces of comic business or clowning used in commedia and commonplace in silent movies, Vaudeville and music hall. This workshop introduces several traditional lazzi, the battoccio (or ‘slapstick’), mock violence, illusions, pratfalls, and basic acrobatics (for non-acrobats!). These workshops are taken by our workshop facilitator, Stevie Thompson.

More about Stevie Thompson

  • Stevie has worked with The Rudes both as an actor & a director.  She is an excellent & very experienced physical theatre actor and has also worked with companies such as The National Theatre, Travelling Light, Kaos, Playground, Polka and in 2013 in Dreadnaught South West’s outdoor touring production ‘Oxygen’. She trained in Commedia Dell’Arte with Antonio Fava in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and mask making and performance with Footsbarn Theatre and John Wright. She has had many years of facilitation experience, to groups of all ages, designing and delivering one-off specialist drama workshops to longer term residencies.

Contact Stevie – Please contact Stevie directly for more information & costs on 07949-084283 or email her at

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