Front of House volunteering

A big way of helping the company

  • We always need lots of people to help at our performances looking after ‘front of house’. When you have been before to our shows you will have seen volunteers in our beautiful front of house tent. In fact you may well have been one of them! We rely on them so much & quite honestly couldn’t tour without them.

All you need to know

Get in touch!

  • If you know who is organising the performance in a particular village or town then talk directly to them & express your interest, or contact our front of house manager, Glenn Overington, directly by email – & discuss it with him. He will talk you through it & you can decide between you which is the best venue for you. We need ideally four people per venue & often don’t get that many, so… We do need you!

Do the course! 

  • We now have a very simple course for you to do on this website. It’s in three sessions which you can do at your leisure. There’s no homework! It’s just about taking your time to read it & thinking it through. Follow these links to begin:

Session 1 Click here

Session 2Click here

Session 3 Click here

And that’s it! Get involved, support the Rudes, see the show for free & have some fun!