Front of House volunteering

A big way of helping the company

  • We always need lots of people to help at our performances to look after ‘front of house’, that’s running things ‘audience side’. When you have been before to our shows you will have seen volunteers in our beautiful front of house tent. In fact you may well have been one of them! We rely on them so much & quite honestly couldn’t tour without them.
  • Because we have over fifty venues right across the South of England we can’t possibly take a team with us, so rely mainly on local volunteers and they do have a lot of fun doing it – and they get to see the show for free!
  • 2021 is, of course, particularly challenging because of Covid restrictions, but we can do it! Your help is particularly important this year therefore.
  • So if you are confident, calm, polite and like organising people this will be for you.

How to get involved

  • If you know who is organising the performance in a particular village or town then talk directly to them and express your interest, or…
  • Contact our front of house manager, Glenn Overington, directly by email – and discuss it with him. He will talk you through it and you can decide between you which is the best venue for you or…
  • Just ring 01323-501260.
  • In 2021 we need five people per venue

The roles 

  • House Manager – Every venue needs someone to be in charge ‘audience side’. It’s not necessarily a big job; you just need to know what’s going on, especially in 2021 with Covid restrictions, be calm, polite, friendly but firm. Here’s some guidance – Click here
  • Ticket steward – In some respects this is the hardest job because of the paperwork but if you are confident then give it a go. There’s plenty of guidance both here and on the night from the Actor FOH Manager back stage & from the House Manager. Here’s some guidance – Click here
  • Site stewards – In 2021 we need three site stewards helping people to keep to the social distancing regulations if things haven’t eased – and they might! Check the guidance here – Click here

And that’s it! Get involved, support the Rudes, see the show for free & have some fun!