Help make the play

Of course we are a professional company & in all key respects we use professionals to make our work. But volunteers can often be highly skilled too & there are ways in which you can be involved in making our plays & enjoy the satisfaction of being part of it.

Help us make our plays in practical ways


  • Do you live reasonably near Eastbourne & have a sewing machine? – If you can make costumes & live reasonably near Eastbourne, we would be very pleased to hear from you. These skills are always useful. The head of costume-making is Kim Bishop. You can contact her by email – She is assisted by Annette Keen – 
  • Can you sew for us? – Currently we only do one production a year which tours for 51 performances. We start looking at designs & costume requirements around about October & have until the middle of May to get everything made. Many of the costumes are made by professional tailors & seamstresses in Romania lead by our designer, Anca Albani. But there are many more things to do, involving making less complex items (& some items not so simple where you need to be able to follow a pattern) & altering and adapting existing costumes we have in stock.
  • What do you have to do? – You will have to attend a couple of  team meetings to discuss designs & allocate work or maybe attend fittings with the actors. But much of the work can be done at home. Our base, The Peppe Nappa Studio, is on Commercial Road in Eastbourne near the railway station. You will need your own machine but all materials will be supplied. It takes so much pressure off if we can add to our excellent voluntary costume makers.
  • Contact – Email Kim if you would like to have a go –


  • Are you good at woodwork or painting? – People who are good at woodwork or painting or are just comfortable doing practical things – as long as you live near enough to Eastbourne – would be very welcome if there is any time you can give. Just let us know.
  • Keeping it simple – Because we perform mainly one night stands in fifty venues across the South of England on a nightly basis, performing then moving on, our staging needs to be very simple & transportable. In the past we have just used a few boxes to sit on, but there is room for making more interesting things in simple ways that will improve the look & practicality of our shows as well.
  • Workplace We have a range of tools in the studio in Eastbourne & some work can be done there, maybe on the occasional evening when we can all get together, or you may prefer to do the work at home. All that can be discussed and agreed.
  • Preparing to go on the road – The work might involve clearing, loading & sorting the van so that everything fits in properly as we prepare to travel or unload at the end of tours.
  • Contact – For the moment we don’t have a lead person doing this, so contact Pete by ringing the office – 01323-501260 or sending an email –

Maintaining the van

  • Are you a mechanic? – If you are a mechanic & would like to keep our old van on the road for us to help us keep going – and you live near-ish to Eastbourne in East Sussex – you would be very welcome indeed. It needs a bit of love & care in its old age!
  • Contact – Speak to Pete by ringing the office – 01323-501260 or sending an email –

Maintaining the pageant wagon

Keep our pageant wagon on the road – The pageant wagon, our mobile stage, needs to be maintained & painted annually. NOTE: At the moment this role is already being dealt with by two of our lovely volunteers.


Become a Friend

Becoming a volunteer means becoming a Friend – If you become a volunteer then we automatically include you as a Friend & you will receive newsletters from time to time about our work, inspirations, commedia dell’arte & other interesting things – unless of course you don’t want all that, which is fine. In which case just say & we won’t send you all that stuff. Just helping us may be enough for you. Click on – ‘Becoming a Friend’