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Here we go again

TS Eliot said that April was the cruelest month, but I think he was wrong. Surely February is! The longest day is already well and truly gone, Christmas is over and the longing for Spring has set in, but the rain and mist and cold still keep coming  and torment us (let alone yet more fake news from Donald Trump).

But for the Rudes we have to start thinking now about Summer and the new tour. A brand new play has to be finished and we have to start casting. The venues have all got to be organised, accommodation for the team, box offices, and so on, and the marketing machine has got to start running. Well, we are just about there with the play. Just tinkering now, but it’s early days and those comments that people make ring in our ears (especially during the small hours): Macbyrd was wonderful. Now you’ve got to do it all over again! Well one thing for sure is it will be a brand new play with new characters. Macbyrd was very well received, but we can’t have magpies every year.

This one will be different. A strong story, but hard edged with a feeling of February about it, cobbled streets and mists of 1920’s London. Dark deeds hidden away. A complicated lock of rusty cogs and levers that will gradually be oiled until the key eventually turns in the final few minutes of the play – when the Spring blossom on the cherry trees comes into bloom. It is a complicated plot, but Albert, the butler, will be there as narrator explaining the twists and turns. We are getting excited, especially as the casting falls into place; I hope you will be excited, too. We look forward to the first night at a new venue, Marden in Kent, on Saturday 3rd June, for the launch of our new play, The Commercial Traveller.