Gentle Harry’s Farm (2011)

Tucked under the Downs in the breathless July of 1957, our 2011 production buzzed with hilarity, sigh with tenderness and chirrup with gentle satire. Another brand new play and clutch of songs.

Agnes Church and her very special friend and neighbour, Minnie Heartfelt, just love their boarding school, The Gables School for Jolly Nice Girls! But domestic science college calls – and husbands after that, steady sorts with prospects (like the Hon Ernest Dartford), and children (one of each, of course), then after that the WI (to be useful). But first under the blissful summer blue of Gentle Harry’s Farm, amongst the cows and horses and the sweet hay with magpies chattering their rhymes above – One for sorrow! Two for joy! – they were going to have such a twiffic summer!

Then of all things they find some bounders have burst into the bank in Eastbury and nicked the cash! And the place is swarming with coppers! Bliss! Bliss in abundance! What a cackle! It would be such a summer! Meanwhile,┬áthe brown-eyed cows and the other animals chew – and listen. And the magpies’ chatter.

You can buy a collector’s set of eight colour postcards taken from the show at our on-line shop.