Harlequin Goes to The Moon (2013)

The tour began on Thursday 13th June in the tiny village of Dial Post in West Sussex and toured until August 11th.

The Story

  • A wicked banker & a daughter’s thwarted love – Catalina, the daughter of the great astronomer Il Dottore Pazzo, is madly, desperately, in love with the delicious Federico, the son inconveniently of Il Magnifico Buco del Culo, a Florentine banker who has reinvented the meaning of ‘mean’. No banker before, nor since, was meaner, more spiteful, more greedy, more inexplicably nastier than he! Despair! In fact, he has forbidden them to touch even their little fingers – and to ensure this does not happen he has threatened his servant, Harlequin, and his wife’s maid, Colombina, with ‘death by stretching’ if they should allow it to happen. No way will Federico marry the daughter of an astronomer who is so poor his pants are as ragged as a half-plucked chicken!
  • Harlequin takes refuge on the moon – Harlequin, of course, is terrified – Who wouldn’t be? – so, decides to steal Pazzo’s moon ship, a contraption of rotating cogs and wheels, levers, paddles and sails, and fly to the moon where he will no longer be kicked around, but will set up his own government, become Emperor, make the rules, and kick everyone else’s ‘pretty little fondi’! The stable boy, Paglia, who is impossibly in love with Colombina and spends most of his time gazing at the moon like a smitten hare, takes little persuading to go with him.
  • A rare use of traditional characters – Throughout this website we have explained how we look for our own archetypes suitable for our English audiences rather than the so called ‘stock characters’. This play is a rare example of our using traditional commedia archetypes. Somehow, the idea of going to the moon to create our own ideal world was ‘so Italian’ & yet ‘so universal’ at the same time that we felt it would work. We think it did. It was certainly very romantic!