The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cat (2013)

Our second foray into children’s theatre

  • A great little story – Having known David & Ronda Armitage and greatly admired their work – David as an important contemporary painter & Ronda as a wonderful children’s writer – for many years, it made sense to dramatise one of their beautiful little stories – and they agreed. We also were able to use the wonderful stage design talents of Tom Power, who created an outstanding original set for us. The job of directing was given to excellent & experienced actor & children’s theatre director, Stevie Thompson. In 2013, therefore, we made our second attempt at children’s theatre & again it was extremely well received.
  • The story – Poor plump Hamish,  the lighthouse keeper’s cat,  hasn’t been doing his duties right & the cheeky mice are creating havoc in the lighthouse. Mr Grinling, the lighthouse keeper, & Mrs Grinling decide to put him on a diet thinking he has become too plump & lazy to do his job. Disaster! So Hamish decides to run away to find someone who is a bit more appreciative of his talents.
  • No place like homeAfter several adventures, however, he realises that home, despite the ups & downs, is where he is really loved & returns. The Armitages’ thoughtful, funny & gentle little story is loved by children & confirms the importance of a child’s need to find his or her own way through ‘a little bit of rebellion’ now & again, & then back to the warmth of caring parents.
  • The play as part of our adventure – This gentle little story was ideal for our physical style, but again we had to decide whether our commitment to commedia & adult theatre was what mattered most to us. Again, too, it didn’t work out financially, so we decided to stick to adult theatre after that & to our rural touring circuit rather than performing  in theatres, where essentially we were unknown & starting from scratch. We couldn’t afford to do that really. Like Hamish, therefore, we returned home to where we knew we were loved – the rural communities, the heartland of our work. But it was a joy working with David’s & Ronda’s beautiful story.