Who Saw Marjory Daw? (2012)

Who Saw Marjory Daw?

An adventure into the ’60’s

  • Drugs, free love & rock’n’roll – Our 2012 summer play, ‘Who Saw Marjory Daw?’ was a ‘comic mystery’ set in 1968 London with lots of new songs and takes forward the characters of Gerald and Agnes Church from ‘Gentle Harry’s Farm’ as he gets involved in politics and she becomes a rookie reporter. Of course, it had all the 60’s themes such as flower power, free love, fashion, astral flying, and so on, against a background of power politics, a dubious North African revolution, and the Vietnam war.
  • No deep themes – There were no ‘deep themes’, no experiments in style, just some good laughs, good songs & memories for people like me of ‘a certain age’!

The Story

  • A ‘missing person’ story for the popular press to get their teeth into – It’s 1968 and midnight as the printing presses of  ‘The Daily Globe’ newspaper hammer out across a misty Fleet Street. Press baron Murdo Denial calls a conference with his team. Rich young socialite, Marjory Dawson – girlfriend of Theodore Dorian-Ward, the charismatic entrepreneur, and owner of the Magic Bus Company (“Expand your mind on the Kathmandu Trail!”) – has gone missing. ” ‘Who Saw Marjory Daw?’ suggests the editor. “Nice one, Simon! Print it!” And Murdo lights his cigarette.
  • Trev & Agnes are on to something – No-one is listening, however, except the intrepid young press photographer, Trev Lovelady, as rookie reporter Agnes tries to explain that she has seen her – at Dorian-Ward’s Park Lane HQ – a honey-pot for acid and free love, coming out of a bedroom – and not alone. On her arm is North African rebel leader, Colonel Musami. With happy eyes, they fly among cigarette trees and chocolate Kalashnikovs under a yellow sky. Is he really on an exchange visit to the London School of Economics to study librarianship? Meanwhile, in dark alleys lighters flare as murky figures in raincoats slink into shadows. Oh, it was fun! Both the play & the time!

Check out a bit of the atmosphere with the bows music – Click her