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Macbyrd script

The thrilling and funny script for you to keep as a memento of the 2016 touring play by Pete Talbot of Macbyrd, or A Mischief of Magpies. ONLY £5!

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The Commercial Traveller cd

Enjoy again the music from 'The Commercial Traveller' by buying 'Isabelle's got Married', featuring 'Death is a Tango' and all the other songs. ONLY £3!

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Pack of 8 assorted Rudes postcards

A useful pack of assorted Rudes postcards which you can send to your friends. VIRTUALLY A GIVEAWAY AT £2!

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Classic Rosie t-shirt

Lovely 'Rude since 1999' t-shirt with female Rosie face. £10 ONLY!

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Classic Grant t-shirt

Your favourite 'Rude since 1999' t-shirt with male 'grumpy' face. £10 ONLY!

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Macbyrd t-shirt

A few remaining Macbyrd t-shirts to remind you of the very popular production. ONLY £5!
XL only now.

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3 Rudes CD's

SPECIAL DEAL! We are selling off our CD's in packs of three different albums - 'Don't Chase Crows!' from Ik'r'us Inc, 'I want! I want!' from Harlequin Goes to the Moon, and 'Isabelle's Got Married!' from The Commercial Traveller. The best music from all our shows in our opinion. A perfect Christmas present. ONLY £5!

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Tote bags

Useful cotton tote bags with the Classic Grant 'grumpy face' design. A mere £3 ONLY!

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