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How to become a Friend of The Rudes!

five-grant-audienceWe are particularly appreciative of the work and support of the Friends group – and we have to acknowledge the constant stream of financial support we have had from the Friends and supporters of The Rudes, which of course is very welcome. However, while we do need donations, they really are not the main reason we value you as Friends – and in order to make this clear, we are making a major change in our relationship with our Friends…

We are abandoning the membership fee and annual renewal will be automatic unless you tell us otherwise.

Practical Support

What matters most is your practical support and that might consist of several things:

  • Promoting our work to your friends, family and colleagues
  • Running front of house & selling our merchandise at performances
  • Putting up posters & distributing flyers for us
  • Organising performances in your own communities
  • Volunteering to make costumes for us
  • Volunteering with practical work, such as building stages, stage furniture, or painting the pageant wagon


Of course, we know you like making donations, so there will be several opportunities to do that:friends-launch-event

  • When you buy tickets for our shows via our website you can if you wish make a £1 or £5 donation, or more if you wish
  • Once a year we will have an appeal to raise funds. If you want to give you can; if you don’t, or can’t, that is fine, too
  • At the bottom of this page there is a link through which you can make a donation as and when you wish with no obligation
  • Also, watch out for new schemes we will be introducing soon

If you are a Friend already…

If you have joined in the past we will automatically include you on our Friends’ list. The newsletters come out every two months via email and occasionally, if we have something special to tell you, more frequently. We can’t undertake to send newsletters through the post. If you don’t receive the email and you know you’ve signed up as a Friend in the past, then contact us via our contact page and we’ll make sure you are on the list.

If you want to become a Friend…

If you would like to become a Friend or would like to hear more about what it involves, then send us your details via our contact page. The benefits of being a Friend include:

  • You will receive a regular bimonthly newsletter
  • Exclusive information about our new projects
  • Fascinating background on the commedia dell’arte
  • Special offers and discounts on Rudes’ merchandise
  • Invitations to special events

So…why not join now?!

If you would like to, then follow the newsletter sign-up link in the top right hand corner of the page & tell us you want to become a Friend. Note that if you don’t tell us you want to become a Friend, then we will just send you the two advertising newsletters in the Spring and early Summer saying where we can be found, not the the bimonthly newsletter which is just for the Friends.

Protecting your data

New regulations require us to properly protect your data, so this is what we do:

  • We will ask you for your name, address, email address and telephone number.
  • We require this information in order to keep you informed about productions, promotions and events – and in order that you may wish to support us financially.
  • We will update the information which you have given to us if it becomes out of date.
  • The data provided will be automatically deleted if it becomes out of date or no longer is required for the purpose for which it was originally gathered and stored.
  • You can at any time access your data by making a request by email and we will deal with that request within three weeks.
  • You can ask at any time by email for your data to be deleted or forgotten and your request will be complied with and we will confirm compliance by an email response.
  • We confirm that we will not use your data for any profiling, automatic or otherwise, and neither will we share your data with any other individuals or organisations.
  • We store your data in a password protected system which is accessed only by authorised officers of the company. This information is accessed only for the purposes and aims set out in paragraph 2 above and is not shared nor forwarded to any other party. In the event of accidental loss or this data falling into the hands of an unauthorised third party we will report such event to you and the data supervising authority within 72 hours as required by the Regulation.
  • In order to gather and store data from you, you must understand and consent to the above.

By clicking on the link below you are agreeing you have read & are happy with the above.

Make a donation now

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