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Make a donation to our work

Why we need donations

  • New work doesn’t pay much – Although we earn from ticket & programme sales and merchandise about 77% of what we need to pay our bills, doing what we do – That is creating brand-new work – will never be commercial. On the whole people are conservative in their choice of theatre, preferring to see the ‘old classics’ or shows with famous actors in, or famous companies, or musicals – and that’s fine. But there always needs to be new things coming along otherwise theatre would just become stale & fusty in style (because it usually can’t compare with those earlier creators who pioneered the style & did it so much better) – and, don’t forget, all the great Classic theatre was new once. Shakespeare was making new work once.
  • But it’s what we choose to do – We have chosen therefore to make new plays for the modern world, especially for rural communities, even though we are influenced by great things from the past like the commedia dell’arte, the music hall & silent movie. Because of this principle we will always need to find that other 23% from ‘unearned’ sources, such as grants, sponsorship & donations. We rarely have large scale funding appeals as we have had in 2020 & will not do that again. However, people do like to give & this can be done in three ways.

How to donate


When you buy tickets

  • When you buy tickets for our shows via our website you can if you wish make a £1 or £5 donation, or more if you wish. Just click in the box & say how much. It doesn’t have to be a lot. It all helps.

Do it now

  • At the end of this paragraph there is a link through which you can make a donation as and when you wish with no obligation. Different people have different means & preferences. Some people can & some can’t. People have different causes. It doesn’t matter if you have a different cause so don’t want to, nor how small the amount. You know what you can or want to do. If you would like to therefore then…

A monthly debit

  • You could set up a regular monthly donation if you prefer. It could very small like £2 or larger, £10 or £15. Just email & we’ll send you our bank details to set it up.

Why don’t you do a Bramdean?

The Fairy Queen (2005)

The Fairy Queen (2005)

  • Have a coffee morning – In January 2020 when we were in the middle of our funding crisis supporters from the village of Bramdean in Hampshire organised a fundraiser for The Rudes by having a coffee morning in the village hall – and they raised £700! This was really helpful, the equivalent of a typical grant from a local authority. There was so much positive feedback about the event too. People of like mind, theatre-lovers, Rudes supporters, got together, ate cakes (made of course by the Bramdean ladies),  had a good chat & a laugh & listened to Rudes’ music. And they came from all over Hampshire!
  • See the videoClick here
  • Fun too – It was such a good idea by the Bramdean community! Maybe this is something you would like to do? First of all, talk to your friends about it & then email therudes@btinternet & we can get the message out for you. Well done, Bramdean!

Our thanks

We will never be commercial without undermining our values so we will always need you, but you can be sure if you choose to & can support us we will be eternally grateful – and you will have helped us to keep doing what we do. So a big thankyou!

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