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The 2019 Summer Tour is now over – That’s it for another year!

The Rudes & rain

It’s a shame we have to write about rain but the English weather being as it is, we DO get rain from time to time! Obviously, we would always like to go ahead but it may be that the weather will prevent us. Clearly you would like to know as early as possible what our plans are but at the same time it is important that we give it every chance because weather often changes in a relatively short period of time. Because we travel all over the South Coast & aren’t at the venues far in advance all we have is the evidence given to us by the various weather forecasters & they are often different! Getting it right therefore is very difficult, so I would ask you to bear with us in that respect.

How do you find out if it’s off, therefore?

The first decision is whether we travel or not. This will be early to mid-afternoon. We will not make a decision to cancel before that time. However, if the overwhelming evidence is that it would make it miserable for you & us to proceed, we will cancel at that point & email you if you have booked online or through the Central Box Office & we have your correct email. If you have bought at a local box office, we usually won’t have your contact details, so you will have to ring us.

If there is a glimmer of hope, we will travel & then see what it is like when we get there. If it is too wet to set up, we will cancel at that point & let you know.

If there is still hope, we will press on until it becomes obvious whether to proceed or not. So, if we haven’t contacted you by 5.00 that is what we are doing. Please don’t get cross with us if we leave it late & then cancel. It only means we are giving it every chance.

If you have any questions & want to talk to us, then RING 01323-501260. This will divert to us on the road if we’re not in the office.


If we do cancel, we will attempt to re-arrange the show for later in the season. We will let you know about that as soon as possible.


Our policy on refunds is as follows: If the show begins & a decent chunk of it has taken place, we do not refund, but you are able to re-book for free for  another venue. This does not apply to our shows at Tapeley Park. Neither can you re-book if the last night is rained off. Also, if a venue is already full then you can’t re-book to that venue.

If the show has not begun, then we will refund.

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