Working as an ambassador for The Rudes

Would you like to promote the work of The Rudes in simple little ways? Here’s how! 

How to be an ambassador for The Rudes

Finding our audience

  • It is a fact of life that only about 20% of the population go to the theatre at all and then only to musicals or to see ‘famous old classics’. A tiny percent will come and see a brand new play of the kind we as a company make. This is especially the case because our work is dedicated to mainly small rural communities & is rarely covered by the ‘city-centric’ national press & doesn’t have famous actors in it.
  • But all that doesn’t mean to say that what we do isn’t good & really enjoyable to see – and people do want to have a good time. We need ambassadors therefore who love our work to tell people that it is going to be a good experience. There are various ways in which you can do that.

    The Gold Rush (2006)

    The Gold Rush (2006)

Face to face conversation

  • Try to recommend us then whenever you can & it is appropriate in face to face conversation. If you recommend us & they trust your opinion, then they might just come. Many people do come for this reason. They need that personal touch.

Send out e-fliers

  • Email is the modern way to have a chat without actually having to be face to face. Of course, face to face is better, but sending on an email is good too & you can put in all the key facts.
  • For every performance there will be an e-flier that we can send to you with all the key info, which you in turn can send to all the people you think might like the experience. You can at the top add your recommendation & endorsement.
  • If you would like to do this just let us know & we’ll put you on the list of e-flier ambassadors! Email Pete on –

Put up posters & place fliers in key places

  • These are less effective & quite expensive. However, some left or put up in places where people expect to find information about local events can be useful. Putting them out randomly is ineffective & a waste of money. But on key sites it is worth it.
  • If you would like to do this, whether in villages or towns, let us know early in the year (February or March) then we know how many we need to get printed. Often our local organizer deals with this but they might very well value your help. Get in touch with him or her if your know them or email Pete on –

    Twelfth Night, 2001

    Twelfth Night, 2001

Get a conversation going on Facebook, Twitter & other social media

  • These days social media is really important for getting the message out there. We can give you text which you can use as a basis for your post with all the key information & then you can add anything you want to say as your recommendation. Post it as an event & get a conversation going. It’s a really important way of getting audiences these days. Social media is the modern grapevine so help us to get conversations going.

Organise or research possible group bookings

  • Coming to our shows as a group is really fun. Getting together with work mates, friends & family, having a picnic & wine together, laughing together & enjoying a good story is great – and there are special group rates so it’s cheaper.
    There are two things you could do:
    1. Organise a group yourself Just email us with the details
    2. Research out possible groups as a project for us – Think carefully about your community & give us a list of all the clubs & societies with the contact details of the leaders (if you know them) so we can invite them ourselves.
    Email Pete at –


  • If you would like to be an ambassador, it needn’t mean too much time. Just find your niche and help get people along. The more people who come the less we have to rely on grants, which are often hard to come by. You can make a difference!
  • Just ring Pete – 01323-501260 or email

Become a Friend

  • Becoming a volunteer means becoming a Friend – If you become a volunteer then we automatically include you as a Friend & you will receive newsletters from time to time about our work, inspirations, commedia dell’arte & other interesting things – unless of course you don’t want all that, which is fine. In which case just say & we won’t send you all that stuff. Just helping us maybe enough for you. Click on – ‘Becoming a Friend’