Working in the office

The Peppe Nappa Studio, our office & studio space,  is in the centre of Eastbourne & we have set up another desk where volunteers can come in say for an afternoon or morning each week, or even just now & again and help out with routine admin & some less routine things. This might be for you! But you will need to live in East Sussex & be prepared to travel into Eastbourne. We will pay reasonable expenses.

Routine issues

Manning the desk

  • Lots of things to do – Although we currently tour only once a year it’s a long tour with fifty venues & growing so there is a lot to do. You will work with our ‘Front Office’ file through which all our day to day routines are organized and with the ‘Venues database’, communicating with our venues & dealing with the many ttd. There are phone calls to answer & emails to respond to. It gets very busy!

Managing money

Some really important jobs

  • Bookkeeping & more – There is basic bookkeeping to do for the right person using Quickbooks Online, paying bills, creating invoices & filing records. Wages and pensions need to be paid & POB (‘paid on behalf’) forms to be processed. How we are performing against our budgets has to be tracked. Donations & Gift Aid to be processed & our Central Box Office ticketing to be administered & on the night record sheets prepared for our front of house teams for fifty venues.


Building audiences

  • A digital age – We need to research websites and Facebook pages and other social media outlets & get the message out through them. E-fliers need to be sent out to our ‘ambassadors’. We need to build our audiences & good marketing appropriate to a digital age needs to be done.

The shop


  • Identifying with our brand – It’s not really about making money;  we can’t make a lot anyway. It’s much more to do with giving people a chance to identify & be a part of what we do – and it’s a good advertising. We have neglected this in the past mainly through lack of time but our supporters like our t-shirts and other merchandise. This involves ordering, storing & processing stock at The Peppe Nappa Studio, making decisions about what we need, keeping the front of house boxes fully stocked up & processing & recording sales. It’s a prefect job for a volunteer!


Keeping us going

  • Many more years yet – We have been going for 21 years, but we still have lots more stories to tell! We want to go on for a long time yet. Much of this work has been done alone by our director, Pete Talbot, but as he gets older there need to be other people stepping in & until we grow enough to employ more staff then we need keen volunteers.
  • Contact – You may be retired & need to keep your brain in shape, or you may be taking a year out before going to university, or you may just want the experience. If so contact Pete by phone – 01323-501260 or email –

Become a Friend

  • Becoming a volunteer means becoming a Friend – If you become a volunteer then we automatically include you as a Friend & you will receive newsletters from time to time about our work, inspirations, commedia dell’arte & other interesting things – unless of course you don’t want all that, which is fine. In which case just say & we won’t send you all that stuff. Just helping us maybe enough for you. Click on – ‘Becoming a Friend